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Nature Maid Total Home Services

Standard Cleaning - Larger homes (3 bedrooms or more) / 3 bath or more

Standard Cleaning - Larger homes (3 bedrooms or more) / 3 bath or more

We cater to a variety of sized homes.  Our spectrum covers studio apartments to 6 bedroom / 6 bathroom large homes with 4 floors of cleaning.

In the larger homes, we can accommodate teams of 3 - 4 cleaners.

Our rates are based on the abor hours of cleaning, organizational tasks and/or any other domestic task that we coordinate with you prior to our visit.

Please understand that if we are scheduling a team of 1 person for 3 hours, the initial 3 hours is $139 and any additional time is $40 per labor hour.

2 people for 3 hours = $139 x 2 or $278

3 people for 3 hours = $139 x 3 or $417

4 people for 3 hours = $139 x 4 or $556

**IF you request or need any additional time, it is $40 for each additional LABOR hour.

  Recurring service discounts apply after first cleaning, look under recurring services for the discounts that apply to your unit!

🍃 also these are items that “may” create extra time needed:

  • Jacuzzi tub(s)
  • Glass doors on showers
  • Highly used stove tops/or cooking with oil
  • Larger than avg rooms
  • Shedding pets
  • Changing of linens
  • Collectibles/picture frames/vases/ etc that need to be dusted
  • Extra items on bathroom sink/vanity such as make-up, perfumes, lotions, shampoos, skincare, etc
  • Picking up and organizing toys, games, books, etc
  • Picking up laundry
  • a staircase that needs cleaning
  • Cleaning glass windows

***Some people request to clean the inside of the refrigerator or oven. This is not a normal part of a standard cleaning but No problem, just let us know you want this done, and we will add the extra time!  Inside oven cleaning would be +$39.99 and inside refrigerator cleaning would be an additional $39.99

We bring all products, (which are organic cleaning products), supplies and equipment.  The only thing we would need from you are garbage bags, if we are replacing them.

NOTE 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY Please be mindful: If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please do so the day BEFORE your appointment.  If you cancel or change, the day OF your appointment, there is a $50 same day cancellation fee.  Many of our staff hire babysitters for the day and even without work, still incur the fees of the babysitter.

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