Collection: Townhouse and Single Family Home Cleaning

Nature Maid Total Home Services understands that each home is unique and different in their own way.  We provide the following service in every home, no matter the structure!


This is what you can expect from our initial cleaning visit!

We bring all the supplies and equipment. All our cleaning products are organic. No harmful chemicals, no bleach, no ammonia.  Safe for kids, safe for pets and safe for the environment. 

  • Bedroom(s): We will clean all window sills, frames and baseboard molding.  Will will clean all door frames, door knobs and light  switches.  We will dust all furniture and wipe down bed frames.  If you are not storing items under the bed, we will vacuum or Swiffer underneath.  If you have space under your dressers, for us to fit a vacuum or Swiffer, we will make sure we dust underneath.  

We do not move furniture, due to potential risk of damage or injury. 

We will fluff pillows and make your bed(s).  If you leave clean bedsheets out, we will also change the sheets.  If you have loose clothing laying around, we will put them into a laundry basket as instructed.  

NOTE:  If you need folding, ironing or laundry services, we have that available for an extra fee.  We will vacuum and mop floors as necessary, and also vacuum corners of room and ceiling, free of cobwebs.  

NOTE:  If you need blinds and/or windows cleaned, these are available as an extra service.  Normal service will include dusting of blinds, but washing and wiping is an additional service.


Bathroom(s):  We will clean the outside and inside of the toilet.  We will scrub the walls in the shower and clean any glass doors, if applicable.  We will scrub the tub, move all shampoos and soaps to clean underneath them and replace in the same position.  We will wipe down all faucets and showerheads using organic cleaning products.  We do not use bleach. 

We will wipe down door frames, door knobs, and light switches.  Baseboard   molding will be wiped.  Vanity mirror will be cleaned, as well as sink and faucets.  If you have items on the sink, we will move them, clean underneath and replace.  PLEASE put away any jewelry before we arrive, we do not want to risk them falling into the sink drains. 

We will empty trash and replace toilet paper as needed.  The floors will be vacuumed and mopped, using only bathroom attachments.  We do not cross contaminate and do not use the same equipment in the bathroom(s), as the rest of the house.  


Kitchen:  We will move appliances away from the wall to clean underneath and behind them.  We will wipe the appliances, and empty toasters or toaster ovens of crumbs.  We will empty any coffee grinds left in coffee pots and wipe down the backsplash wall.  We clean the outside of the refrigerator, oven and dishwasher but we will clean the inside of a microwave oven.  All cabinets will be wiped down along with handles.  Stovetop will be & can disassembled to clean the grates and wiped free of stains and food particles.  

NOTE:  Some stains and extremely burnt food will be impossible to remove.  

We will clean a few dishes that are left in the sink, or load them into the dishwasher .  

NOTE:  If sink is overflowing with dishes/pots/pans, we can provide cleaning services as an additional service.  Also, we will not start dishwashers unless we have written authorization through text that it is ok to start.  This prevents any unintentional misuse and/or unintentional damage of dishwashers. 

All trash will be removed.  The floors will be vacuumed/swept, mopped and finished with a Swiffer. 


Dining area and dens are treated in the same way.

Basements:  additional charge (home visit a must see for exact price quote.  Toys, tools, pet items, boxes, etc effect pricing.  We are happy to organize but additional charges apply. 

NOTE:  We do not clean inside cabinets or clean the glass windows. We will clean toaster ovens and coffee pots.  We will clean all mirrors throughout your home.  Window cleaning is available as a separate service along with interior oven and interior refrigerator cleaning.